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This book is meant to be a tribute to my - and presumably the reader's - favourite band. I have loved their music ever since I heard my first MAGNUM-song on the radio, which was “Lonely Night“. So I have been following the band for many years now which should enable me to write this book, a history of the band as complete as possible. There was a real jigsaw-puzzle to be put together from interviews, newspaper cuttings, former band histories, record company information and much more.

   I still cannot claim to know everything about MAGNUM, although I had very competent help. Special thanks to Ollie Catley, Petra Fox, David Hargas, Neil Jenkins, Annie Minion, Ashley Mortimer and the “Nitelight“, Sabine Rummel , Mick Stones, Mark Stuart, John Warburg and Olly Hahn, who helped me to realize this project and, of course, to the band, who gave me several interviews.

As I am German my English may not always be totally correct. Please accept my apologies for that.

   Although the band had declared their split in December 1995, Bob, Tony, Mark and Al reformed MAGNUM in 2001. Therefore the book will need constant updating, so if you have any new information or if you find any mistakes, please don't hesitate to write me a note. Here's the address:
                      Martin Vielhaber
                      Eblestrasse 8/1
                      71263 Weil der Stadt



NOTE: The fact that this biography is free to read or download and printout for everybody’s personal use does not mean, that anyone can just take all this information and simply publish it somewhere. I do have the copyright on it as the biggest part of this biography has already been published as a brochure book in the limited edition box set of “The Visitation”. Publishing rights will not be granted without the band’s consent and without naming me as the author!


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