Epilogue: Personal Facts


Laurence Archer


Laurence, born on 9.11.1961, who had already worked with Mark Stanway in STAMPEDE and GRAND SLAM, only had a short stint with the band in 1984 when he stood in for Tony during the 11th Hour tour when he was taken ill. So he was never a regular member of MAGNUM but he joined KINGDOM OF MADNESS in 2018.




Richard Bailey


Richard was born on 4th March 1950 in Solihull, England. He started playing the piano in his teens and played the guitar in a school band. He also learned to play the flute and alto sax. His first serious band was called WHITE RABBIT, before he joined MAGNUM in 1973. He left the band after 6 months to join COPPERFIELD, before returning to MAGNUM in January 1976, staying until the “Marauder” live album was released. After Magnum, Richard worked with TRAPEZE, and Bernie Marsden's ALASKA. He co-wrote and played keyboards on the PHENOMENA project before joining WHITESNAKE for tours of USA and Japan and two shows at Rock in Rio in 1984/5. He has since been involved with a number of well-known Midlands band, has continued writing and producing original material for his band BLACK RABBIT and is a part of KINGDOM OF MADNESS.




Mickey (Michael) Barker


He was born on 12th January 1953 in Birmingham, Warwickshire. His former job was draughtsman in a pub. Mickey sold his motorbike to be able to buy his first drum kit. His son Spike is an excellent drummer, too. Mickey's hobby is reading. After his time with MAGNUM he played in THE BUSHBURYS, a folk rock band until 2004, then joined MEMPHIS IN THE MEANTIME. Since 2016 he has been part of the reformed GRAND SLAM, and KINGDOM OF MADNESS, being reunited with Mark Stanway!




Al (Alan) Barrow


He met Bob and Tony when they were looking for musicians for the HARD RAIN band. Before that he had done session work for the BBC, then met Bob and Tony in Paul Hodson’s studio by chance. He was born on 27.11.1968 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire in the West Midlands. Al likes graphic design, photography and travelling. Al moved to the USA in 2015 but continued to play with the band until summer 2019, when he left and was replaced by Dennis Ward.




Rick Benton


Born in Stafford in May 1967, Rick became one of the youngest musical directors ever at a National Theatre Tour at the age of 17. He has supported many artists like the EAGLES, STATUS QUO, Paul Young and Kim Wilde. Besides his commitment to MAGNUM who he joined during the Christmas tour 2016 he plays in the Rebecca Downes Band and works as a session musician, arranger and musical director. Rick is married, loves cricket and enjoys building Lego models with his two children.




Bob (Robert Adrian) Catley


He was born on the 11th September 1947 in Aldershot, Hampshire, is married and has two daughters. He lives near Birmingham and his hobbies are model trains and music. Bob loves socialising and often goes out meeting people. He used to sing a lot when he was a kid and liked Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and Bette Middler in the 60's. Bob hates Karaoke. His favourite singers are Freddie Mercury, Lou Gramm, Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, Steve Perry, Sam Cooke, Glenn Hughes and Gary Cherone.




Tony (Anthony Michael) Clarkin


Tony Clarkin was born on 24th November 1946 in Birmingham, Warwickshire. He married when he was only sixteen and even became a grandpa in 1988. Tony is a vegetarian and his hobby is reading. His favourite films are “The Blade Runner“ and “Back To The Future“. He writes most of his songs on the tours. He currently uses a Jay Dee guitar called “Blackbird” but also Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars. The “Blackbird” has replaced his former PRS guitars. Tony has also contributed to some records outside MAGNUM, e.g. working with Rudi Dobson and Rodney Matthews.




Jimmy (James) Copley


Jimmy (born 29.12.1953 in London) joined MAGNUM to stand in for Harry for the Storyteller anniversary tour. His first band was called SPREADEAGLE and he has worked with many prominent musicians ever since e.g. Jeff Beck, Ian Gillan, Paul Rogers and Tony Iommi. When Harry had to set his priorities on THUNDER he became a permanent member and he has done a great job ever since whenever he was needed. He played in M3 with Mark and is a very experienced studio drummer who has worked with a lot of other artists, too. Jimmy recently published his first solo album in 2008 and was with MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND until his untimely death of Leukaemia on 13.5.2017.




Bob Doyle


He was the band’s bass player in 1972 only to be replaced by Dave Morgan soon after.




Eddie George


Eddie replaced Mark for a short time in 1984/85 but never recorded with the band. It’s Mark who can be heard on all the singles from the “Storyteller”-album and, of course, on the album itself.




Kex (Kevin) Gorin


Born on the 1.1.1949 in Birmingham he had started off as a member of the SMOKESTACKS and THE ANDICAPS. After that, he played in MAGNUM from 1978 to 1984 before he left for Robin George’s band, then joined Ron Wood and finally played with his own band KGB (Kex Gorin Band). Sadly, he died of cancer on 21.12.2007.




Grenville Harding


Grenville, a Christian keyboarder, joined and left the band in 1980 after only one tour because it simply didn’t work out between him and the other members.




Harry (Gary) James


originally with THUNDER, he came to join MAGNUM for “Breath of Life“, when they were looking for an experienced drummer. He was born on the 11.12.1960. Harry’s tortoise is called Derek and he likes golf and football. His first band was called SILVER JADE. Harry returned to THUNDER between 2005 and 2008 , but has stood in on the 2007 tour again when Jimmy fell ill. In 2008 when Jimmy was on promotion tour for his solo album and THUNDER split again, Harry rejoined MAGNUM until mid-2017, when his obligations with THUNDER and SNAKECHARMER made a further engagement in MAGNUM impossible.





Wally (Colin Walter) Lowe


Wally was born in Meridan (near Coventry), Warwickshire on the 16th November 1952. He used to work in a warehouse and even as a Bingo caller for one summer before he started making music at the age of 22. He used to play Gordy bass guitars and his hobby is cycling. Wally quit the music business after the MAGNUM split in 1996 and lives in Spain near Malaga now. He runs a B&B at a cycle track.




Dave (David) Morgan


Born 19.8.1942 in Birmingham, Dave had been in a large number of bands before he joined MAGNUM. Dave performed the first MAGNUM single track ever “Sweets For My Sweet”, but left soon after. Later he joined ELO for his greatest musical successes. Since his marriage he has become a reborn Christian now called Dave Scott Morgan.




Les Kitcheridge


He was the first MAGNUM guitarist, but the band really took off when Tony Clarkin replaced him.


Allegedly, his mother came up with the band name.




Lee Morris


Lee was born on 11th January 1970 in Wolverhampton/England. He is married and has three children. Lee started drumming at the age of 6, instructed by his dad who was a drummer, too. He started his career as a drummer in MARSHALL LAW, then joined PARADISE LOST and worked with Danny Vaughn on several records and played a tour with TEN. Having known Al and Annie Minion for a long time he joined MAGNUM in 2017.




Jim Simpson


Jim, born in Broadstairs/East Kent in 1959, a Birmingham-based drummer, played with HOOKER, BLOOMSBURY SET and Tandy/Morgan before he replaced Kex Gorin in 1984. After the successful “Storyteller”-album he left to join U.F.O. with whom he stayed until 1988. After that he drummed for Bonnie Tyler, Trevor Burton and SOAPSTONE MANIAC. He is now with Richard Bailey’s band BLACK RABBIT.








Mark Stanway


Mark was born on 27th July 1954 in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. He is married to Mo Birch-Stanway and is also a very successful businessman. Before he became famous with MAGNUM he worked as a metallurgist for a steel company and for a short time as a greengrocer. His hobbies are tennis, billiards and the work in his own studio. During the MAGNUM-break he started working with Bernie Marsden in 3M (CLASSIC WHITESNAKE). In July 2015 Mark published his first book called “Close To The Mark”, in which he gives an account of his musical career with many anecdotes. The book is a terrific read for everyone interested in MAGNUM. He reunified GRAND SLAM in 2016 and left MAGNUM in December of the same year to form KINGDOM OF MADNESS with Richard Bailey, Mickey Barker and Laurence Archer.




Dennis Ward


Born on 22.11.1967 in Dallas, Texas, Dennis spent most of his youth in Germany where his father was with the armed forces. He started making music at the age of 10, originally playing the guitar. He first came to play the bass, when he accidentally broke his contrabass at high school. He became really successful as the bassist of PINK CREAM 96, UNISONIC and PLACE VENDOME and has made himself a name as an engineer and producer for many other bands. Dennis joined MAGNUM in June 2019, having been suggested by Tobias Sammet as a replacement for Al.