2. MAGNUM - T(w)oo Good For Success?

   As the release of the first album had been postponed for such a long time, the next album was more or less finished before the first one was released. It was called “Magnum II“ and the cover fitted the pretty simple title. It sported the MAGNUM logo with a Roman II added in black on a plain grey cover. It came out in November 1979, not even a year after “Kingdom Of Madness“. The producer was TEN YEARS AFTER bassist Leo Lyons, who had already worked with bands like U.F.O. before, so he was considered as fitting for MAGNUM's style.

“Magnum II“ contained ten tracks: “Great Adventure“, “Changes“, “The Battle“, “If I Could Live Forever“, “Reborn“, “So Cold The Night“, “Foolish Heart“, “Stayin' Alive“, “Firebird“ and “All Of My Life“.

The album didn't sell too well but they had two top-ten-singles in the British Heavy-Metal-Charts. The first one was “Changes“, a classic mid-tempo song with a very melodic keyboard line. It describes the changes two people undergo during their relationship. The B-side was “Lonesome Star“, a bonus track which was not on the album. This single came in a silver picture sleeve.

   The second single was “Foolish Heart“, a song about a man who has just split up with his girlfriend. This single was backed by “Baby Rock Me“ from the first album. “Foolish Heart“ was a rather sad song and considerably slower than the first singles.

The new fame earned the band the support-slots of the then much-acclaimed BLUE ÖYSTER CULT and KROKUS, who took MAGNUM with them on their UK tour. Right after that they got another big chance, which was to support U.F.O. on a full European tour. So MAGNUM became known in many European countries, which was the basis for a loyal followership of many fans right up to the present day.

   In spite of the single's chart positions the album was no hit. Success still hesitated to reward the band for their hard work.